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Sustainability is key in our mission to create a better and healthier world. Yet we cannot do this alone. For the 2020 edition of the Materialise World Summit, we call on the movers and shakers from a wide range of industries to join us and create a vision for the future of 3D printing in the next decade and beyond.

November 5-6, 2020*

*Please note that we’ve postponed the date due to reduced travel in the spring
following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Square Brussels, Belgium


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Planet, people?and productivity are key themes of our two-day conference as we examine the relationship between 3D printing and sustainability. We will host discussions led by industry leaders centered around the environmental impact of the tiny specks of powder that are fused together, the wellbeing of workers, the very large-scale way that it is impacting global supply chains, and much more.


Tackle challenges in industrial and healthcare sectors that arise from implementing Additive Manufacturing and how to make the 3D printing industry more sustainable.


See how current applications and future innovations in 3D printing and 3D planning uncover new ways to grow your business and discover what others are doing to make the industry more sustainable.


Make meaningful connections and fruitful relationships with industry leaders, peers, and experts.

Join in the conversation in our dedicated tracks:

Let's discuss ways how we can empower people to design, collaborate, build, and fabricate in more sustainable ways, while reducing waste, saving money, and staying competitive.



“It’s well organized. It’s really interesting in terms of the types of products and exhibitors. It’s great to be able to interface and be able to pick up materials and processes we’re really interested in. You really only get the chance to do that at events like this.”

– Benjamin Hubert, Director, LAYER

“I’m very happy that I could attend this event. It’s been a really fantastic experience for me to see the who’s who of 3D printing in healthcare. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to listen to speakers who have real, hands-on experience. It’s been great to understand the challenges, the problems, the benefits and the future perspective.”

– Dr. K. Mahesh, Pediatric Cardiologist

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Join us and create a vision for the future of 3D printing in the next decade and beyond